Post-vacation bliss!

The date:  April 8, 2012.  Easter Sunday, 3:24 pm…a slice out of time:

I’m watching the Masters on TV…outside, just as at Augusta National a mere 2 hours away, it’s a stunningly beautiful Easter Sunday.  A myriad of thoughts peacefully drift through my unusually well-rested brain…feeling truly at peace with the world, thanks in no small part to a six-night spring break family vacation in Beaver Creek, Colorado.  Sitting back with a ‘job well done’ feeling:  Julie and the boys had a great time…our fears of the snow being all melted from an unseasonably warm winter were put to rest the first day:  lots of greens, blues and blacks to pump our adrenaline, run after run, with names like Centennial, Red Buffalo, Red Tail, Arrowhead, Bachelor Gulch and the boys’ favorite:  Park 101 terrain park.  Willy’s Face, the black diamond part of Centennial, will go down in our family history as JP’s first-ever black diamond run.  He took it like a Champ, especially for a 10-yr old southern boy!  And little bro Jack, after a frustrating first day of snowboarding, took to skis like a duck to water.  One last memory takes me back to Colorado:  while mom enjoyed herself skiing with Suzanne on the less-daring part of the mountain, the boys and I took The Birds of Prey Express Lift, to the site of the 2015 World Downhill.  Tuck and go, baby!  Mom and Dad are really proud of our boys, rockin’ on the slopes.  I predict more skiing in their future!

6:08…the near-perfect day continues…after a brief stopover at The Hendricks’ house, back at the ranch with the boys outside playing:  JP, Jack, Evan, Zach, Mikey…da boyz…The Masters is a tremendous finish…Bubba Watson looks dialed in.  Phil has too much to overcome.  Ian Poulter misses his par at 18 !

Did I mention how much I love today?

Georgia Tech’s own, Matt Kuchar, is playing awesome.  Bubba leaves another one short…not a good time for this.  The drama continues.  6:43 pm, wow what a finish:  18th hole and tied.

The rest goes down in Augusta lore.  The golfing world has a new hero of everyman, a southern boy named Bubba, who was truly overcome by emotion at the moment he drained that final putt.  Kind of a John Daly minus the abuses.  Nice guy Bubba may be the antithesis to Tiger.

‘Nuff golf.  Fast forward.

10:33 pm and all is quiet in the Murphy household.  All is right with the world.  Life is a perfect circle, and the circle begins anew tomorrow.  Thank You, Lord.  Humbled to be a part of it all.  Looking forward to the unknown.  Make the most of it.

A quick peek ahead, and then bedtime.  Crunch-time at work:  time to make a difference to the bottom line…’cause no matter how good you are, if you can’t move the needle, what does it matter?  (Personally speaking, the greatest fear of all is the fear of irrelevance.)  Two weeks until RILA in Grapevine, TX…our second-biggest trade show of the year and a great opportunity to connect with many big prospects and clients.  Got to make it count.  Prospects, cases…bring them in.  Nashville in May, not sure where else…June, heading south to muggy New Orleans for NRF, our biggest conference/trade show of the year.  In between, the boys finish up school in late May — time to high-tail it to the condo.  A working trip, always a dicey combo.  “Rise and fall, turn the wheel, ’cause all life is, is really just a circle.”  – Big Head Todd & The Monsters.  As true as it gets.

Mom turns 87 June 17th weekend.  Baseball will keep us busy until then, maybe a camping trip if I can squeeze it in…meanwhile keep up the tennis and cardio.  One thing’s for sure:  I want to stay in reasonably good shape for the rest of my life, as long as I’m physically able.  The slopes of Beaver Creek reminded me what a joy it is to go fast downhill and experience that ol’ rush of adrenaline…and with the boys approaching those double-dog dare teen years, I will want to keep up when we go on on more trips:  skiing, scuba, whatever adventure comes our way.  There’s a song in there somewhere.

Finally, as the summer of 2012 takes us on its rides, 50 approaches.  Hey, it’s just a number, right?  (“I know, right?”)  So be it.  Bring it on, and press on.  Maybe a celebratory trip of some sort awaits…even just a weekend away would be nice.  Julie is really going to bat here (did I mention I have the world’s greatest wife?)  Regardless, will try to take it all in stride…keep on smilin’, stay on the track.  Review your goals.  Perform, do well, and reap the benefits…watch over your flock and most importantly, always be thankful.

10:59 pm.  Lights out, time for bed.


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