Jumpstarting a Social Media Presence

Social media presents unprecedented opportunities for businesses to interact with their target market. Your company’s social media presence can be jumpstarted in the following three steps:

  • Select the platform that is most appropriate for your business. Find out where your customers, prospects, and competitors are most active online. It will be a network that allows members the opportunity to connect, contribute and influence. While it’s tempting to join multiple networks, the smart money is to choose one site and maintain a clear focus and strategy in order to grow your company’s presence.
  • Develop an ongoing Plan of Action. Once your platform is selected, your POA should include allocating a set amount of time each day to monitor and manage your social media presence. Most of us get inundated by industry alerts and updates, but if all we’re doing is reacting to these email alerts and posts by other members, we’re not truly growing our own social media presence. By setting aside, say, 30 minutes each day to review activity, respond to followers and post new content, your small business is taking a very important step by moving from reactive to proactive social media marketing. Your company’s contributions will inevitably lead to meaningful interactive discussions, which will foster your overall industry influence. Keep in mind that the more connections you have with relevant communities and members, the more impact your contributions will have.
  • Create an effective online profile. A small business profile lets members know who you are and what your company does. Your profile should include a short bio, summary, and some visuals, while maintaining professionalism. And remember – too much detail is a turnoff.

By effectively implementing these three steps, your small business is well on its way to an impactful social media presence.


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