The driver’s universe is an exceedingly curvy white tunnel bordered by sheer blackness on both sides.  The trip begins innocently enough; it’s relatively easy to maintain control and stay in the middle, avoiding any contact with either border, which literally kills the drive. The curves increase in difficulty and frequency with each series of successfully negotiated turns. The game is Tunnel, available in the app store for every smartphone user. The driver (aka smartphone operator) controls the moving vehicle (actually a blip on the screen) by tilting device left or right; easy curves call for slight tilts; sharp curves demand more excessive tilts. The game’s objective is to go as far as one can without touching either side. Each successive game’s objective is to beat the high score; with the culmination of the first drive, every driver automatically sets his or her “high score” to beat. It’s quite possibly the most simplistically addictive game in the app universe.  Bored and all caught up on emails while in dentist office or auto shop waiting rooms?  Tunnel has the answer.  It can captivate the user for a good 10 minutes or so, after which time the odds are one’s name will be called. For baby boomers, the game calls to mind “Pong”, quite possibly the most simplistic of all video games.  Brought to the video gaming world by Atari, the strangely addictive “Pong” is where gaming started back in 1972. The beauty of “Pong” was in its simplicity.  Guess what?  40 years later, Tunnel’s beauty is in its simplicity. Does anyone see a recurring theme of success?  Directions:  “Tilt to Drive.  Don’t hit the walls!”  No one has an excuse not to try this game.  Download and play today.


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