Pregame jitters

See you on The Hill.  9/24/16.  UT-Florida.  The Game.  Too early to have championship implications, but no doubt about it, this is without question the Tipping Point for Vol fans.  More than any other in memory, it represents the proverbial cliff’s edge, thanks to 16 years’ pent-up heart-pounding frustration…the never-ending excuses, hangover-inducing head-shaking, frothin’-at-the-mouth finger-waggin’ blaming…all coupled with the unquenchable, relentless search for righteousness in what has become a cruel and unfair world to UT fans.  We’ve all put up long enough with our obnoxiously loud neighbors and their internet bloggers & trollers running their mouths and keyboards rampantly about their teams…especially Gators, Dawgs, and ‘Bama.

We now stand on the cliff.  We all know too well what lies beyond the precipice.  Memories too recent, almost too painful to recall.  Come Saturday evening, it’ll be either absolute joy, redemption and restoration back to the relative good life (aka relevance in the college football world)…or, quite possibly, altered states for the rest of our lives.

Gentlemen, our cups runneth over with disappointment no more…Come Saturday morning…bring yer pre-game AC/DC.  Bring yer Bourbon.  Start yer engines, rev ‘em loud and keep yer motors redlined until about 7:30pm or so, give or take a possible OT.  The future of our football-watching lives hangs in the balance.

Go Vols.  Win The Game.


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